“Atlas” is a centralized online service which interconnects companies that provide internship positions with all academic institutions in Greece by creating a unique internship positions database.


The aims of the service are:

  • Creation of central database of available internship positions
  • Increase in the number of available internship positions
  • Simplification of contact procedure between stakeholders
  • Mitigation of bureaucracy
Internship Implementation Information

Student’s compensation could come from:

  • Subsidy programs of NSRF
  • Subsidy programs of Manpower
  • Employment Organization (OAED)
  • Student’s academic institution
  • Host Company

Internship duration:

  • depends on the university
  • cannot exceed 6 months

In case you are a Host company (Private company, Public organization, NGO, etc) that offers internship positions for undergraduate students, you can create an account here

Follow these simple steps:

  1. Create an account by completing this form
  2. Verify your e-mail account
  3. Send the Participation Certificate

Detailed registration instructions are available here

Terms and conditions of "Atlas" program for Host companies are available here

Insert an internship position

Once your account as a Host Company is certified, you can register internship positions by logging into your account and submitting positions’ details such as:

  • Internship’s description
  • Candidate’s requirements
  • Interships’s location
  • Implementation dates and duration of the position
  • Full or part time internship, etc.

Detailed instructions are available here